Happy Mother’s Day to Me!

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My sweet hubby put together a fabulous frugal Mother’s Day gift for me yesterday.  The kids were excited to give it to me as well. My husband melted chocolates we had on hand and poured them into metal cookie cutters as molds.  Before the chocolate completely hardened he used a toothpick to write “We LOVE U” and “Happy Mother’s Day” on them.  So very sweet, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone since he makes me sweet notes and flowers regularly!

After we put the kids to bed Saturday night, my husband asked me when Mother’s Day was.  I told him I thought it was next Sunday.  He asked why there were so many people in Brookshire’s buying flowers if it was still a week away.  We looked it up and obviously Mother’s Day is actually next weekend, but I’ll take my gift a week early!  Here in Tyler we are lucky to have miniature dozen roses for sale all the time for just $2.50.  They don’t last as long, but they are perfect for the price point for a sweet smelling and pretty to look at gift!


  1. That is so sweet! My parents actually live in Wills Point and I am in Arlington! Stopping by from *Couponin Momma from TX* :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Marci!

  3. S. Davis says:

    lovely – a week early is certainly better than late!

  4. Congratulations & Happy Mother’s Day!

    A few years ago Joel & I celebrated Father’s Day with Charlie a week early. We took him out to eat on Friday & did a lot with him. In church I wondered why they didn’t recognize the dads. All three of us never realized until Joel came home from his church on Sunday afternoon to tell us we got the week wrong. :o) So funny – we decided to treat him twice that year. He had earned it.

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