Inexpensive Party Plates – Reusable and Dishwasher Safe

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Last fall I wrote about reusing as many items as possible instead of throwing things away and soon after needing to replace them.  Paper plates are some of the biggest culprits that drain money from the pockets of American families. But there are inexpensive and convenient alternatives.

Traditionally I’ve used our everyday dishes for parties, but there were times that I didn’t have enough plates clean and needed to use paper. I’ve almost always used paper cups.  I’ve always intended to buy some inexpensive party plates but never got around to it (mostly because we have so many everyday dishes).  A few weeks ago we were hosting a work party and I was stressed out, which is unusual for me as a hostess.  To make things easier I decided to buy plasticware.

I spent just $10 to buy 16 plates, 16 bowls and 8 cups (we used some for a picnic yesterday).  All are very sturdy and dishwasher safe!  I love that they are compact and I’ll be able to use these instead of needing to have all my dishes clean for every party.  Plus parties won’t leave all my regular dishes dirty and need to wash right afterwards. I am a happy hostess!

I bought these at Walmart.  They came in red, blue, yellow, orange and lime for $1/ 4 pk.
By comparison, a 48 pk. of heavy duty Dixie plates is about $2.50 or 5 cents each.  A 35 pk of Dixie bowls is also about $2.50 or 7 cents each.  A 50 ct. Hefty 18 oz cups are about $3.50 or 7 cents each. After 5 uses of the plates I’ve bought and 3 uses of the bowls or cups I’ve bought you’re saving money. If you could buy the plasticware on sale or clearance it would be even quicker to break even.  Plus you’re saving the environment from all that trash and yourself from needing to replace the paper products so frequently!


  1. We still have some of these type left over from college—dorm dishes! Just be careful if you microwave stuff on them. Some of the plates have spots from melting against hot pockets or whatnot. I wouldn’t give those to guest, but they still function around the house….and the plus is they aren’t breakable because I’m not giving a kid my good ivy print corning ware plates! LOL

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