Local Pet Rabies Clinics – $8 – $30!

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Thanks to local reader Julie for this tip. 
just wanted to pass this on: this coming week is the Cherokee County
Rabies Clinics: It is the law in Smith and Cherokee County to have your
pets vaccinated for Rabies EVERY year. This is a cheap way to get it
Rabies Vaccine $8
Rabies, DHLPP (distemper, parvo)– $20
Rabies, DHLPP Bordatella (kennel cough)–$30

May 7th Monday 5:30p Reece (Community Center)
May 7th Monday 7:00p Pierce Chapel (Old Store)
May 8th Tuesday 6:00p New Summerfield (school)
May 9th Wednesday 6:00p Mixon (1st Baptist Church)
May 10th Thursday 6:00p Dialville (Store)

 If you are in the Marshall, TX area Pary Moppins has information about local clinic dates there.


  1. How funny! I posted about this today as well. There is a clinic happening May 12th in Marshall by a local vet’s office but there is a mobile clinic that comes by once or twice a month to local shelters. http://www.parymoppins.net/2012/05/low-cost-pet-vaccines.html