Simple Homemaking Plan Week 19 of 2012

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As I sit down to write the menu for the week, I’m writing out my 4
weekly “to do” lists (personal tasks, blogging tasks, cleaning chores,
less common maintenance cleaning tasks). It’s helping me to accomplish
things that easily get pushed aside otherwise, even if I don’t get them
all checked off! 

Last week I started off being very productive.  I’d marked 2 tasks off my list by Monday (or was it Tuesday?).  Then I quickly lost my momentum as I was thrown into party and garage sale preparations. The house is in pretty good order though and I’ve got several busy bag activities ready for Little Turkey so I can keep making progress in unseen areas :-)

This week’s maintenance chores in addition to daily functioning cleaning chores:

  • Reorganize the bathroom cabinets/cupboards
  • Spend 1 hour getting a toddler bed restored for Little One to use until we buy a twin bed.
  • Finally tie up the loose ends to refinance our current home. (the plan is to lower the rate with the same payoff date but keep paying the same payment- it will cut about 4 years off!)
  • 15 minutes daily tidy after the kids go to bed 

I realize most of my tasks this week probably aren’t going to apply to you. I hope that you’ll think of some projects you’ve been wanting to work on and tackle those.

See? Nothing too involved, just tasks that will help me stay on top of
things at home
instead of letting the week slip away from me because
none of those things seem pressing to be done immediately.