Easy Baked Beans Recipe

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As with most other things, one night I had baked beans on my menu plan but in the middle of cooking realized there weren’t any left in the pantry.  I remembered my mother always making them for BBQs with pork n beans so I gave her a call.   So simple and for me it’s less expensive than buying a can of Bush’s baked beans.

Just use 2 cans pork n beans and brown sugar and BBQ sauce to taste. If I have a really strong BBQ sauce I use less, but if I’m using a honey flavored sauce it takes more.  Either way I use about 1/4 cup of brown sugar.  My mother also uses a bit of sauted onion, but we don’t prefer onion in ours.  Just cook them in the microwave for a couple of minutes in a covered dish and you’re ready to enjoy!

Total cost for me is usually around $1.20 for 32 ounces – 3.7 cents an ounce.  If I were to use dried white beans the cost would be less than half that.  Bush’s baked beans cost anywhere from $.99-1.69 for a 22 ounce can depending on what sale I can find.  That’s 4.5 – 7.7 an ounce. 

Take a look at a can of Bush’s and see what the main ingredients are listed right under the title- you’ll be surprised at how simple the recipes are to make yourself!

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