Homemade Croutons and Bread Crumbs

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A few weeks ago we were fixing a recipe that called for bread crumbs.  I’ve bought them before but didn’t want to do to it again (or use crackers) so I decided to make my own. While I was at it, it made sense to make croutons at the same time :-)

I used 8 slices of bread and several bread heels (or bread butts as I’ve always called them).  I used to save them to feed the ducks, but we haven’t done that since we moved to TX.

First, I cut the crusts of the regular slices.
Then I cut the crusts and bread heels into smaller pieces.
Last I toasted them in the toaster oven for several minutes.  After cooling they were ready to crush for the recipe. 
You can use your food processor or just rub them in your hands so they’ll break apart.
While the bread crumbs were toasting I cut the regular slices up into small pieces.
 I melted a stick of butter and shook the bread in a tub until mixed well.  
Some pieces got super buttery :-)  You could also melt the butter and brush it 
onto the croutons, but what can I say- I like the very buttery taste!
I layered them in a pan and sprinkled with garlic salt. 
I toasted them for about 30 mins, removed the ones that were done and toasted the remaining ones for about 15 minutes more. 
Had I done this in the regular oven in a single layer it would have taken less time. I just didn’t want to heat up the house with the big oven.
Whah-lah!   7 ounces of homemade croutons that were delicious!  
We actually ate most of them as a snack that night.  :-) 
This was extremely easy.  I will definitely be saving all my bread butts and stale bread slices
to make croutons and bread crumbs with!

Have you made your own croutons or bread crumbs?  I’d love to know your recipe!

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