Painting With Golf Balls

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Yesterday afternoon the kids were quickly destroying the house and my sanity (think cowboys and indians with 3 ft. tall kids) , so I knew it was time for an activity.   The 3 of us thrive on structure so these activity times are actually the calmest part of our summer days.

I picked another art project that my co-teacher did with her art classes.  I told the kids we were going to paint, but completely stumped them when I went to garage to get a golf ball.  “We’re going to paint a golf ball?”  Turkey asked :-)  They sat patiently trying to figure it all out while I got everything ready.

I used a set of finger paints that I bought last week at the dollar store.  I added water and mixed them up to thin them up a bit and make them last longer.

Put your paper into the bottom of a shallow box or onto a tray. It’s ideal to have more room around the edge of the paper than we had so the ball won’t just roll down the entire side of a paper, but this deeper box was the safer option for Little One to use. 

Dip the golf ball in the paint.  It’s not necessary to cover it completely, but try  not to leave globs on it.

Drop the ball into the box and let the kids roll it around as long as they want. 

Rinse the ball off, dip it into a  new color and repeat.

    Did you notice that the instructions never told the kids to touch the paint?  Yep, that’s the nicest part about this project. (Little One did grab the golf ball a couple of times, but that was it)  Next time I do intend to let them get their hands dirty – pun intended. I just wasn’t up for that mess today.

    For variation I also finger painted polka dots on the golf ball.  I like those pictures better than the ones where we did the 4 colors individually. 

    These are the smiles of kids who let their momma have some peace and sort of quiet for about 45 mins after this activity!

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