Free Chick-fil-a Today Only! Cow Appreciation Day 2012

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Today is cow appreciation day at Chick-fil-a.  If you dress up like a cow you’ll receive a free meal!  If you just wear a cow shirt (or other partial cow costume) you’ll still get a free sandwich. It’s at the discretion of the store though- I’ve seen quite a few people wear partial costumes and still get a free meal.

It’s a fun day at Chick-fil-a.  Many stores will have cows in costume and special activities for the kids.  It’s a bit embarrassing to go in costume on any day that’s not Halloween, but honestly once you get there and see others dress up it’s pretty fun.  Plus the people who aren’t wearing costumes are envious of your free meals!  If you’re still really anxious, you can always go through the drive through and you’ll still receive your freebies.

We’ve worn black or white t-shirts and used duct tape to attach black or white splotches cut from construction paper.  The cow appreciation day website has some free printables to add to your costumes as well.

Enjoy your free Chick-fil-a today everyone!

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