How to Teach Small Kids to Put Shoes on the Correct Feet

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Small kids have trouble figuring out how to put their shoes on the right feet.  You’d think they’d feel the arches pressing in the wrong places or be able to see the tops of them pointing the wrong direction.  Evidently not :-)

Smiley faces kiss to show the shoes are on the correct feet

Draw smiley faces on the inner soles of the shoes where the arches are

My solution is one that I read in a magazine years ago:  Draw smiley faces on the inner soles of the shoes and tell the child to make them kiss.  We did this with Turkey at age 2 and a half – the same time we pointed out how the shoes were designed to be worn on different feet and showed how they were different.  Having the visual (on the inside where really only the child will notice it) was a great way for him to check himself.  He really liked being able to do it completely on his own and quickly mastered it.

I always feel a sense of pride when I see other 4 yr olds with their shoes on the wrong feet.  Little kids can definitely figure it out, they just need to do it on their own without feeling like they’ve had their parents correcting them every day until they do figure it out :-)

Have you seen any other creative ways to teach your kids which shoe is which?
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