Simple Homemaking Plan Weeks 30-33 of 2012

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As I sit down to write the menu for the week, I’m writing out my 4 weekly “to do” lists (personal tasks, blogging tasks, cleaning chores, less common maintenance cleaning tasks). It’s helping me to accomplish things that easily get pushed aside otherwise, even if I don’t get them all checked off!

Weeeell what can I say?  Mid week last week I decided to go out of town, so I pretty much threw my homemaking plan out the window for more exciting (and necessary) things.  Have you ever heard the saying “Cleaning the house before the kids are grown is like shoveling the sidewalk before the snow stops“?  I think that’s going to be my motto for the rest of the summer. I have either 3 or 4 weeks left with my kids at home full time and I’m not going to plan any more of it away with extra homemaking things. If I feel the urge to tackle a task I will.  And if I don’t I won’t.  Boy that sounds heavenly, but also very dangerous.  LOL – What do you think?

See? Nothing too involved, just tasks that will help me stay on top of things at home instead of letting the week slip away from me because none of those things seem pressing to be done immediately.

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