Store Bought Pizza vs. Take Out Pizza

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For quite some time I’ve been wondering if a store bought pizza really is cheaper than take out.  We usually pick up a $5 Hot-n-Ready pizza at Little Caesar’s, so I know that a store bought pizza wouldn’t save us much money.  Most times it’s worth my sanity to just pick it up on the way home and be able to eat it right away, but I figured it was time I have a little math fun  to do a little research and find out how much more it’s really costing.

I weighed the Little Caesar’s Hot-n-Ready pepperoni pizza in the box and then weighed the empty box afterwards.  The pizza was 2 lbs. exactly. Including the tax it costs $5.41, so 16.9 cents per ounce.

I checked the prices per ounce at my usual grocery store this week and found the lowest price per ounce is 15 cents.  Most pizzas were between 18 and 22 cents per ounce.  Pizzas were on sale this week too, so the prices shouldn’t be much higher than WM prices.

Granted that I do have to account for gas usage to pick up the Hot-n-Ready pizza, but I also have to account for energy costs to cook the store bought pizzas and clean the pan afterwards.  Fortunately for me, Little Caesar’s is right on my route to pick up my kids from preschool so it’s not much of an added cost. :-)

The bottom line is that you would need to buy a store bought pizza for less than 16 cents per ounce for it to be cheaper than the Hot-n-Ready pizza.  Since we’re picky about pizza I know that price will be hard to beat.  This makes me a happy Little Caesar’s fan :-)


  1. Thanks for this post! I have often wondered about this myself. Our Little Caesar’s is not close to home, but is right around the corner from work. So if we ever want pizza, we make sure to get it right after work to avoid driving back to town.

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