How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets – Tips from Martha

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A few weeks ago I got to hear a professional organizer speak. Martha Dunlap is the owner of Divide and Conquer, a Tyler, TX organizing and estate sale business.  I’ve taken an organizing class before, but I still learned some new things and I thought I’d share a few with you this summer.

One of the easiest ways to save yourself some stress is to prioritize the items you put in your storage spaces.  By placing things near where you’ll use them and prioritizing them by how often you use them, you’ll save lots of time and hassle – keeping your home more tidy.

Martha says your most used items go in your “beach front property”.  If you never use the coffee mugs don’t put them in the front part of the cabinet next to the sink.  Don’t leave them sitting out on a mug tree on the counter either!  Items sitting out on the counter and in the easiest to reach places of your cabinets should be ones that are used very frequently.  Likewise they should be placed near where you need them.  The coffee mugs should be near the coffee maker and the pot holders near the stove.

Items that you use once in a blue moon should be kept at the very bottom, top, or back of your cabinets/pantry.  No sense having to move them around every time you need to get to something else. Other items that you might use once every few weeks should be kept in the areas between your “beach front property” and your bottom/top/back areas. 

When storing foods, line like foods up from front to back instead of side to side.   If you have all your green beans across the front of the cabinet with sweet peas behind and corn behind that you’ll end up knocking peas and beans off every time you need corn.  Having more foods accessible all the time (in “beach front property”), will save you time and keep your kitchen more functional.  

Often foods will fit better or give you more prime space if you turn them on their sides. You also can use simple stacking shelves to create more space with smaller food items.  Use bins or other containers to hold small items that don’t stack well. You’d be surprised how much more room you’ll have when you take advantage of all the air space around your foods.  

I’ve also heard the principle of prioritizing spaces called the A space, B space, C space and D space.  No matter the name, the principle makes sense and certainly has helped me all over my house!  Do you have areas of your cabinets that might need a little bit of “beach front property” renovations?

If you need some help organizing your home or planning an estate sale you can send Martha a message here to see how she can assist your family in creating some organizational peace in your home!

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