Organizing Your Makeup Area – Tips from Martha

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A few weeks ago I got to hear a professional organizer speak. Martha Dunlap is the owner of the Tyler, TX organizing and estate sale business Divide and Conquer.  I’ve taken an organizing class before, but I still learned some new things and I thought I’d share a few with you this summer.

Last week I shared with you some tips for how to prioritize your storage spaces, particularly in your kitchen.  This week I’m sharing Martha’s tips for organizing your makeup and hair area of your bedroom or bathroom.
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Martha recommends using a smaller drawer unit for your makeup and hair area in your bathroom or bedroom. Store your brush/comb, hairspray and curling iron in one drawer, your most frequently used makeup products in the 2nd drawer, and your everyday jewelry in the 3rd drawer.  By keeping your most used items in your “beach front property” you save time and hassle!

Use a jewelry organizing tray to keep things from tangling and/or getting lost.  An egg carton can even be used as a jewelry tray. Her favorite jewelry sorter is a set of stacking jewelry trays that slide for even easier access.  She recommends organizing your jewelry by colors.

If you need some help organizing your home or planning an estate sale you can send Martha a message here to see how she can assist your family in creating some organizational peace in your home!

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