14 Ways to Reuse Plastic Twist Ties

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The long plastic twist ties that hold toys to packages are some of the most simple yet versatile tools out there.  Best of all – they’re free! I always save the long ones and put them in my craft bin until I need them.  Here are some of the things we’ve used them for over the years:

  1. baby/toddler proofing cabinets
  2. holding pens/pencils together in a drawer
  3. emergency cotter pin
  4. makeshift bolt or hinge pin
  5. makeshift clamp for crafting
  6. attaching items to belt loops or other handles
  7. suspending plastic tablecloths from the ceiling to imitate a circus tent.
  8. entertaining small kids by making shapes while in line/stuck in traffic
  9. hanging toy bags from the backs of the front vehicle seats
  10. an egg dipper for dyeing Easter eggs
  11. hair tie
  12. securing extension cords
  13. holding plants upright
  14. use instead of string or wire for small children to practice bead stringing

I know there have to be other uses for these things – what ways have you found to make use of them?

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