Do You Hate Looking for a Deal on New Tennis Shoes for Your Kids?

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By now most of you know that one simple way to save yourself time and money is to buy things at a good price in multiples (notice I did not say in bulk).  The same principle can also be applied to kids clothes.

This summer I was looking for some reasonably priced tennis shoes for Little One.  Call me cheap, but $15 is not reasonable for a pair of shoes a 2 yr. old will wear for maybe an average of 5 hours a day for 3 months.  When I found a pair her size on clearance at Target for $4.98 I threw them into the cart in a hurry.  As I started down the aisle, I realized just how much time I had spent looking at several places for her new shoes.  I turned around and added her next 2 sizes to the cart!  She’s already about to move into the next size and I don’t have to spend time looking for a good deal on tennis shoes. Plus they were a great price :-)

One thing I’ve learned is that kids really don’t care about their clothes. (through about age 7 for girls and age 9 for boys) Yes, they have styles and preferences, but they would be just as happy wearing the same shirt 5 days in a row – providing it’s one they like.  When you find a good price on a shirt they like, buy several in varying prints or colors.  If you find a pair of tennis shoes they like, buy several sizes – kids always need tennis shoes.

While it’s not something you’d want to do with all your clothes, it’s definitely something you can do on a small scale.  The summer we moved to Texas, my husband found a shirt that fit him well, was the correct weight of material, and was a great price.  He bought 5 of them in varying colors.  He’s happy as a clam and hasn’t searched for button up shirts in 2 years.  Myself- I usually just stick to 2 of the same shirt in varying colors :-)

Before you say I’ve gone off the deep end – I recall reading somewhere about a man who found a great deal on shoes he liked, so he bought 20 pairs.  He didn’t need any more tennis shoes for the next 30 years.  I’m almost certain that man was Warren Buffett!


  1. I found that same shoe deal at Target! Different pair though and only one size. They were actually marked over $8 and rang up $5 so I was thrilled.

    I have picked up a couple different styles of the next size up long sleeve shirts on clearance at Walmart for $2-3 the past two years. I can take them out of the closet this year for her to wear. The older one is 6 now and a bit more picky, but as long as it’s pink, glittery, or has some sort of animal on it, I’m usually good. 😉

    • I tend to stay away from long sleeve shirts because I never know if my kids will hit them when it’s cold. I do buy jeans since they can be worn any season and shorts/short sleeves because they wear them March-Oct. I guess people up north probably wouldn’t buy shorts ahead of time :-)

  2. JRFrugalMom and Family says:

    Amanda showed me the way to your site…glad she did! That sure is a great deal on the shoes, and I love the Target clearance deals. I have three boys and a baby girl on the way, and our shoe box is filled to the max. I always pick up shoes in the sizes up, and then I do not have to get desperate looking for a good deal, once the kids grow out of their shoes…which they seem to do quite often.

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