Use Vinegar to Remove Urine Smells

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Do you have potty training clothes or sheets that you can’t get the urine smell out of?  If so, I have the simplest of tricks for you! 

For clothes that have been “wet” the first time, wash them as usual with your regular clothes and detergent. Pour 1/2 cup white vinegar into your washing machine at the beginning of the first agitation cycle.  Allow it to soak for about 10 minutes after it agitates, then continue the wash cycle like normal.  There shouldn’t be any unwanted smell remaining. 

For clothes that have been washed and dried yet still have a remaining urine smell, the process is similar. Use 1 cup of vinegar and let it soak with the clothes (and regular detergent) for about an hour after the first agitation cycle. Complete the wash cycle like normal. 

If you don’t have any white vinegar around the house I highly recommend that you pick some up.  It’s around $2 for a large jug and has many great uses that are much cheaper than commercial substitutions. I’ll be sharing more vinegar uses over the next few weeks.

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