Graveyard Candied Sweet Potatoes

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A couple of weeks ago I shared my mother-in-law’s recipe for candied sweet potatoes.  As promised, today I’m sharing a couple of ways you can make this traditional recipe into a Halloween party worthy dish.

halloween party treats and recipes

For these headstones I sliced large marshmallows in half long ways. I wasn’t terrible happy with their shape or that the dish wasn’t entirely edible if I used a pen or marker to write on the headstones.

Halloween party treats and recipes

So for these headstones I sliced a block of almond bark using a hot knife.  Then I melted some chocolate in the microwave and used a toothpick to write on the headstones.  I preferred this look better since the headstones were less uniform and were completely edible.

Halloween party treats and recipes

If you’re really in a rush or perhaps serving the dish for kids, you could always tear up some marshmallows, stir them in the candied sweet potatoes and call it monster throw up :-)

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