How to Organize Kid’s Toys and Keep them Organized!

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After our move to Texas when all of our “stuff” didn’t fit on the truck, we’ve been more aware of our clutter problem.  While our house is by no means clutter free, it’s far better than it was 3 years ago.

Our two biggest struggles are toys (big surprise) and papers/misc on the kitchen counter. (Yes, I’m intentionally omitting the current state of my office LOL) Little Turkey has the best closet situation in the house – 2 walk in closets with built in organizers!  One is dedicated to a gift closet and the other is for their toys. So while the family room/toy room has no storage whatsoever, we can easily keep the toys put away and organized with the help of a toddler lock on the closet door handle.

I came across this post over at OrgJunkie yesterday that perfectly describes what we’ve been trying to do with our toy problem.  Laura does a great job of showing and explaining how the system is supposed to work.  We’re getting there slowly but surely, as the kids mature enough to stick with it.

If you have a toy organization problem at your house, please take a moment to read about Laura’s #1 Secret for Keeping Toys Organized.


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