Introducing a Monthly Amazon Code Hunt for Thrifty Texas Penny Readers

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This month’s Amazon code hunt will be tomorrow 10/25.  Since I missed the September hunt I’ll have more codes this month.  I’ll be posting them approximately every 2 hours from 9am -9pm CST, so check back often on posts from October!

I’ve been wondering about what I could do to thank my awesome readers for sticking with me and encouraging me.  Giveaways always come to mind, but there are always a lot of people who enter, that aren’t really readers.  So I’ve decided to do a monthly Amazon hunt on my blog. It will take place on the last Thursday of each month.  I’ll be hiding codes throughout the day, anywhere from $1 – $5 value.  I’ll hide them in posts from that particular month and will give clues on FB to help you figure out which posts I’ve hidden them in.  My thought is that if you’ve been reading my posts you’ll know exactly where to find the code once I give the hint.

The rules are simple:

  1. The codes will be hidden within posts or in the comments of posts from the current month only.  After posting each code, I’ll give about 10 minutes for someone to claim it before posting a clue on FB. 
  2. If you find a code and are the first one to enter it into your Amazon account you’ll get the message that your account has been credited for X.XX amount. Please leave a comment on that post and let us know it’s been claimed and for what amount.
  3. If you enter the code and it says it’s been claimed, then you were too late. 
  4. If you enter the code and it says something went wrong, then you entered an incorrect code (I do like to be tricky from time to time and put them backwards) 
  5. I’ll delete or mark through the claimed codes before posting a new one.
  6. Please play nice!  This is meant to be a fun way to reward my readers. If you don’t enjoy the hunt then please don’t play.  :-)

The first code hunt will be tomorrow 5/24. Codes will be posted anywhere from 9 am – 11 pm CST. If you enjoy the hunt please let me know you want another one next month!

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