Monster Eyeballs for Halloween Party Dessert Treat

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My husband had this idea to make monster eyeballs with grapes and white chocolate.  They would be a great way to create eyes for a scarier dish or to display all together for individual treats at a party.  Plus, they were really delicious!

Wash and dry several plump, seedless red grapes
Shave a few blocks of almond bark into a small bowl.
Microwave on high power for 30 seconds and then stir.
Microwave on high for 20 more seconds, stir, then it’s ready to dip.
Redry each grape before dipping.  Spear grape with toothpick and twirl on it’s side in the almond bark.
Use another toothpick to smooth out any big globs.
Stick covered grapes into a block of apple until they harden.
Restir almond bark if it begins to get lumpy and/or harden.
When all grapes are covered and hardened you can arrange them in fresh, thick slices of apple to display. (soak the apple in a lemon juice solution if you don’t want them to brown)

And of course, we can’t let any leftover materials go to waste- so enjoy some leftover apple slices dipped in almond bark after your eyeballs are done :-)

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