Repurposed Items for a Closet Organizer

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While having a yard sale with a friend, I spied an entertainment center someone was selling.  Of course not having a stereo we didn’t need a 3 piece entertainment center.  What I did need – and was pondering- was shelving to organize my daughter’s closet. So for $10 we now have this 4.5 foot tall unit in Little One’s newly organized closet.

closet organization

Previously there were boxes/tubs all across the bottom with miscellaneous items perched atop.  Something was falling out every time I opened the door to get anything.  With this unit in there I now have a designated area for all of those loose items.  There’s even floor space left for the kids to play in now that I’m taking advantage of the closet’s height

Was the entertainment unit perfect?  No.  Does it meet our needs and simplify our lives.  Yes!  It was a great bargain for $10, even if there were a few rumblings from my husband about having to move it into the house 😉  Hopefully I’ll soon be able to show you what became of the other 2 pieces of the entertainment center too!

*In case you’re wondering about her clothes- all of her current things fit into the drawers of her dresser.  I just hang the few dresses she has in the closet.

KL7F-K2L8DR  I’m putting the last part in a comment on this post.
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  1. Hey Cricket:) Love the organization!!! I had a question about the super one ad, Can you stack a coupon with the in store coupon that is in the ad? Also was wondering if you could give me a little advise on stocking up on groceries? I have the couponing down as far as the drugstore’s go, problem is we can’t eat soap!!!!! LOL, we have 5 kids all together and I find myself cringing when I go to the store even with some coupons and still spending at least 100.00 or more and not getting much!!!! How do you do it? When should I stock up on what, and when? Do you think it’s possible when you do the matchups for brookshires and super one’s Especially Super One you could maybe notate beside the item, Stock up price, so that way I know ok I need to stock up on this!!! And are you familiar with the cicle of sales? Thank you so much for all your help!!!

  2. LJ8Q Please let us know if you’re the first one to deposit it into your Amazon account!

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