Are You Missing Facebook Messages? Here’s How to Find Them

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Last summer I realized that Facebook was not sending me notifications when I received a message from someone I’m not “friends” with or haven’t otherwise interacted with on Facebook.  This is yet another unknown “feature” of Facebook. While it seems like a good thing, it is frustrating when you don’t want to friend someone but know that your messages aren’t getting to them. If someone isn’t aware of this feature it could result in some hurt feelings when a message doesn’t receive any response. 

Here’s how to access ALL of your Facebook messages from your computer.

  1. Click on the messages icon at the top left of FB
  2. When your recent messages display in the drop down, click on “select all” at the bottom
  3. Any messages from people you aren’t connected with will be in your “other” folder. 

Once you’ve responded to a message in your other folder, any responses will show up in your inbox and you’ll receive notifications on them.  

I think I only had a dozen messages in there when I found it.  How many do you have?

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