Use Your Ears to get Your Chores Done Quicker

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We love to watch TV around here.  There are some good, quality shows available if you look hard enough.  One of the downsides to leaving the TV on for long periods of time is the risk of developing ADD tendencies.  If anyone is trying to do something other than watch the TV, they will inevitably be distracted by the TV.   Even when it’s just me at home, I seem to stop what I’m doing and watch if I’ve left the TV is on .   The only exception is my routine laundry day – I guess I can fold clothes without seeing them. It’s just too easy to get caught up in a show and since it’s visual it takes my attention away from the task at hand. 

The past few weeks I’ve been listening to books on CD while doing stationary tasks like dishes or mopping.   This allows me to get my work done but feel like I’ve done something for pleasure too.  Most libraries have a good selection of books to choose from – both fiction and non-fiction.   I always enjoyed having my mother read to me as a child, so it’s like a treat to be read to again.

Pandora has become a great friend during my chore time as well.  I can select a couple of jazz and swing stations – or the occasional Dave Matthews band *-  and the music keeps me moving until my work is done.  When I crank up the volume on an upbeat CD, I move faster and focus on the task at hand, instead of focusing on the TV.  I’m able to tidy up and move all over the house without really slowing down.  Even if I sit down to check my e-mail, the start of a new song tends to get me up and moving. 

Recently I’ve gotten so much done around the house, listened to several books, and still had plenty of time for other projects and playing with the kids.  My house has been at the point that I’d be “company ready” within 10 mins if need be.  I’m really feeling good about myself and don’t feel burdened by all the chores like I was this summer. If you’ve been having trouble being productive at home like I was, plug in a book on CD or log on to Pandora and tackle a few chores!

*If you ever thought I was normal I’ve been steering you the wrong direction LOL.  Besides, I was a music major so I’m entitled to more eclectic tastes in music than most.

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  1. I was a music major too! :) I’ve never thought about book on tape to do housework, that is genius!
    We recently took the plunge and got Netflix and I LOVE being able to take my shows with me all over the house! I haven’t minded all the time in the kitchen baking/cooking lately because I didn’t feel alone :)

  2. What’s wrong with the Dave Matthews band? 😉 I’ve recently made a jeremy camp station, and i play it while i’m clipping coupons and sometimes even in the mornings when we are getting ready, and i played it ALL Sunday morning while i was cleaning up before my mom got here (hubby took the kids to church). I don’t think i could do a book though. I’ve always been the type that has to read things for myself to understand them. But you know me…i get my books read…even if i am up until 3am! Ha!

    • Nothing wrong with Dave Matthews. It’s just amusing to hear Ants Marching followed by a slow early jazz song followed by Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes by Paul Simon :-)

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