Goal Blocks – Visual & Manipulative Tool – 4 Week Frugal Challenge

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Last Tuesday I shared with you my personal goals. The past two weeks I’ve accomplished a lot around the house, on my blogs and personally.  Now, don’t get me wrong- I’ve had my bad days where I didn’t do too much, but overall I feel like I’ve done pretty good for me.  I’ve also had plenty of time for playing games, visiting with friends and watching TV. Partly it’s because I’ve been more determined than ever before to do better.  And partly it’s because I’ve set my goals before me every day- literally.

I used the same little blocks that I wrote my goals on and put into my rice jar. I leave them stacked up right in front of my computer monitor so they’re always on my mind.  I change them around depending on what I want to focus my time on for a couple days. (You’ll notice that exercise has yet to leave the bottom row!) When I find myself playing computer games or wasting time online, I see those goals before me and remember that I should be spending my extra time on those things that will really make a difference in my life.  So far it’s been good for me to see them all day as I work.  I think it’s helped my husband as well, because he can see that while I may not be working on our home that day, I am focusing on earning extra income or spending time with him and our kids.  I’m glad that he can see I’m trying to juggle and balance everything, even if it may take quite some time for me to balance it all – if ever!

Are you also noticing that when you purposefully devote 15-20 minutes every day to your goals that you are able to accomplish a lot and still have time for play?

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  1. I love this idea-it’s really unique and I think that would help make it stand out more!

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