Simple Homemaking Plan January 2013

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Last year I began picking 2-3 tasks around the house to accomplish each week.  These were tasks that would typically get overlooked as they don’t necessarily affect the daily functioning of our home (cleaning fan blades, blinds, organizing closets etc). Sometimes they didn’t get accomplished, but without setting the goal, I’m sure that very little would have been accomplished!

While it really helped me, one problem I found was that some weeks the tasks were completed quickly and I’d “take some time off”.  But the next week there would be too much to do with our schedule and I’d get behind.  For 2013 I’ve written out 6 months of my homemaking plan so that I can look ahead and do extra when there’s extra time, or when I know we’ll be out of town soon. While breaking tasks into bite sized pieces is good, I’m finding it’s still important to see the big picture.

You can see my homemaking plan for January – June 2013 here in calendar format (subject to change of course!)

For the month of January these are my goals:

  • Week 1: 
    • Organize Coupons 
    • Remove trap at bottom of dishwasher, clean debris out and run a cycle with just vinegar to clean the dishwasher
    • spend 30 minutes clearing out e-mails     
  • Week 2:
    • Call insurance companies and services to see about changing/reducing fees
    • Catch up on filing statements, bills and misc papers
  • Week 3:
    • Tally medical and childcare expenses, and charitable giving for tax purposes
    • Vacuum inside dryer lint trap and clean crevices in washing machine, move and clean behind both machines

    • vacuum fridge coils
  • Week 4:
    • Gather all tax papers required and fill out tax prep summary for CPA
    • Start seedlings for spring flowers

What extra household chores and tasks do you hope to accomplish in January?  Perhaps there are some I should add to my plan!                                                                                                                           

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