Make Your Own Tide 4 Week Frugal Challenge Ending

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We made liquid Tide this morning in our Couponing for the Kingdom Bible study .  It seemed that nearly everyone had thought about making their own detergent before, but had never done it.  Most everyone was surprised by the consistency of the finished detergent (and agreed that most young children would love to help with the flubber).

We talked about how like any detergent you use, you may need to use more to get your clothes clean, or you may be able to use less to achieve the same results.  The key is to experiment until you are satisfied with the consistency and amount you are using. 

If you’re still dragging your feet, I challenge you once again to take an hour and $10 to try my Tide recipe.  You’ll end up with $20 worth of detergent and have plenty of materials left over.  I’ve even made a video tutorial so you can be familiar with how it looks and feels as you go through the process.

This is the last week of our 4 week frugal challenge to make and use your own laundry detergentI’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this challenge!

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