Week 3 of No Paper Towels 4 Week Frugal Challenge

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2 weeks ago I challenged you to do away with paper towels for 4 weeks.  Even with a small allowance of paper towels for sanitary reasons, I hope you’ve been able to significantly reduce your paper towel usage.

If you’ve taken my challenge and begun using rags instead of paper towels, how’s it going? Has your family revolted or have you found they don’t really care one way or the other?   Have you had your first smelly rag moment?  It happens to all of us and it has to happen before we’ll make the effort to be sure it doesn’t happen again.  If you run a load of laundry every day or other day, smelly rags probably won’t be a problem.  If you’re like me and save all your laundry up to do in one day, you may need to use some vinegar with your detergent to help remove lingering smells.  It also helps to spread rags that are wet with things other than water out to dry on the edge of your sink or laundry basket.  Just please don’t give up on cloth rags after the first smelly experience.  That smelly rag can easily be rid of it’s smelly smells :-)

Perhaps you’d like to give up paper, but need a better solution than just piling your rags on the counter until they’re needed.  We keep our rags in a plastic sack hanging by the fridge. They can only be seen if you’re standing by the sink.  A plastic bag of miscellaneous rags isn’t necessarily the nicest thing to have out in the kitchen though.

Reader Annie mentioned that she received a roll of cute cloth towels that snap together as a gift.  After seeing what she was talking about, I’m hooked to the idea of having cute cloth towels/rags for the kitchen, but not the idea of having to snap them together when they’ve been laundered.  That just doesn’t seem like it’s convenient or time saving.  Yesterday I bought fabric so I could make a couple sets of new rag towels for the kitchen – one for my family and one to give away to one of you!  Between now and next Tuesday, hopefully I’ll be able to get them sewn and come up with a plan for storing them in a convenient place that’s quick and efficient.  Any ideas would be appreciated!  :-)

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