When Do Eggs Go Bad?

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If you’ve ever wondered if eggs can be used past their date – or how long past the date you can use them- here’s the answer!

I was always taught that eggs are good a little bit past the date on the carton.  We’ve had no problems cooking eggs about 10 days past the date or baking with them about a month past.  This weekend a family friend mentioned an old trick she had learned to test whether eggs were still safe to eat and I thought I’d put it to the test.

Put your eggs in a bowl of cold water.  If they lay on their sides they are fresh.  If they stand up straight they aren’t as fresh, but are still good for baking.  If they float – chunk em’.


All of my eggs- the ones I’ve saved for baking as well as the fresh carton – stood up straight.  I could tell which ones were the fresh carton though because they sort of teetered back and forth.  Hmmm.

Are my fresh eggs not very fresh?  
Are my old eggs really good quality?
Has the old trick been debunked?

I think I’ll hang on to those eggs for a while longer and try it again later.  But regardless I know I’ll continue safely cooking them past their date for a week or so, and baking with them for about a month past.

Update:  April 29th, 2013. Tonight I decided spur of the moment to do some ‘from scratch’ cooking.  As you can imagine the result was less than stellar, but since the kids were bribed to eat well with strawberry cake with sprinkles it’s all ok. 😉  Anyway, I only had 1 fresh egg.  The other 4 eggs I had were dated March 4th!  I put them to this test and sure enough, my fresh egg teetered and the March eggs floated right to the top.  I guess the old trick does work!

How long do you use your eggs past their date – or do you throw them out as soon as they pass the date?

This post was originally published on July 10, 2012.

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