Links to 6/9/13 CVS and Walgreens Scenarios

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This week I finally got my 3rd site up and running.  It’s going to be a time consuming process to get the header designed and get everything set up just the way I want it, but it’s time to go ahead and start posting.  There’s a real need for more scenarios, but I don’t want them to overrun Thrifty Texas Penny.  That’s why I’ve started  sites exclusively for my scenarios.  Remember, you can always send me a list of the specific deals you want to get and the coupons you have to use and I’ll write up a scenario for you and post it.  Your shopping list might be similar to someone else’s and help them out too!

6/9/13 Walgreens Low OOP Scenario ($71.56 for $3.70 OOP)

6/9/13 Walgreens Beginner’s Scenario

6/9/13 CVS $10 Rolling Scenario  ($60.40 for $9.22 OOP)

CVS 6/9/13 Beginner’s Scenario

CVS 6/9/13 Low OOP Rolling Scenario ($50.41 for $0.97 OOP)

As I write the scenarios I’ll post them to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  You’ll notice over the next few weeks though that the new sites will have Facebook pages of their own and you’ll see less and less of the scenarios and drugstore matchups here at Thrifty Texas Penny. I hope this is the best way to keep the focus of Thrifty Texas Penny on the idea of overall frugal living and not just getting your purchases for less.  As always, thanks for being such wonderful readers!

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