Albertson’s, Brookshire Brothers and Kroger Deals and Coupon Matchups

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For a while now I’ve been trying to evaluate the amount of time that I spend on my site each week in relation to the amount of page views on each post.  The weekly matchups are the most time consuming posts for me.  I ceased doing the Albertson’s and Kroger matchups this summer because they were the least viewed posts each week and those matchups are available at Couponing 101 each week for your use.  The Brookshire Brothers matchups have tormented me for quite some time because I am the only site doing those matchups and had several requests for them.  But, so few of you were using those posts each week.  I decided to leave the decision up to you guys.  The past 2 weeks I’ve highlighted at the bottom of my Brookshire Brothers matchups to please leave a comment if you used those matchups.  Since not one person has left a comment, I consider it one less task to add to my work week.

If I do find another site posting the Brookshire Brothers matchups I’ll be sure to link to it here.  Or if anyone with a Brookshire Brother’s store in their area is willing to e-mail me what they think are the best deals each week, I’ll be glad to post them.

Here are the latest Albertson’s matchups for the East Texas area and the Kroger matchups for the East Texas area.

I will continue to post the weekly Super 1 Foods deals and coupon matchups, as well as highlights of the Brookshire’s deals and coupon matchups.  Since those two stores are located in Tyler and I shop at them personally, I don’t see those matchups going away unless God calls our family away from Tyler.  :-)

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