Simple and Creative Halloween Party Treats

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Everyone loves a great halloween party and having creative yet simple Halloween party treats makes it even better. These are 5 simple yet creative things you can make to have a fabulous Halloween themed party.

Last year my husband made a mummy version of pigs in a blanket.  He cut hot dogs in half and wrapped them in 3/4″ wide strips of crescent rolls. Bake as directed on the dough package. He used a toothpick dipped in ketchup to put eyes on them.

Mix up some red jello with green grapes and call it preserved monster eyeballs. Don’t forget to put the grapes in halfway through the jello setting up.

'Halloween fingers' photo (c) 2006, dizzy-miss-lizzy - license: 

Amputated fingers are always a great creepy treat!  Use refrigerated breadstick dough and put two almonds inside to be the bones.  Be sure to sort of pinch the dough around them to shape them into fingers. Bake as directed on the dough package. Then, add an almond on the end with a little bit of strawberry jelly.

Ghost or spider cupcakes are always a quick and easy standby.  It doesn’t really matter if the spiders are black or not, kids will love them either way.  If you’re throwing a party at school, decorating these could be the craft project.  Bring the cupcakes with the base layer of icing on top. Give each child a small ziplock bag and snip just the teeny little corner off. Put a TBS of icing in the corner and let them have fun making their own spiders, ghosts and skeletons!

'It'saSnakeSammy' photo (c) 2006, mstresbabette - license: Sub Sandwiches will give a little more substance to your party treats if your party will occur during a meal time.  Shape frozen french bread dough into your dragon and use a knife to cut little Vs and raise them slightly to create the scales.  Bake as directed on the dough package. Load up your sandwich as desired, then add olives for eyes and a cherry cut in half for the tongue.

You can find more great Halloween treat recipes and ideas below!


  1. I love the amputated fingers. I wonder if you put a little green food coloring on them if they would look like witch’s fingers.

  2. i love the sandwiches!

  3. I agree with Amanda! I like the sandwiches and the amputated fingers too! How gross, but awesome! :)

  4. Those sandwiches look like fun…making me hungry :)

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