How I Organize My Coupons

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I am not a coupon box person. I cut as few coupons as possible. I do however need a way to organize my printable coupons and magazine coupons, as well as something to carry my cut Qs to the store in, so I adapted my system from the one that Stephanie at uses. Here is what I do:

If you need a system for your coupons, give it a try, maybe it will work for you. It sure saves me a lot of time and hassle!


  1. Hey Cricket! Enjoying your blog — I’ve already learned a couple of things. :)
    I’d never thought of using a $1 off coupon to get a free travel size… I would’ve used it on a large bottle, so the idea of saving the $1 (on a brand I might not like) wouldn’t inspire me to cut it out and keep it. But getting something free is inspiring.
    Talk to you soon!

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