Slow and Steady Wins the Race

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I wish everyone could have been driving down New Copeland Rd. the other night as we were on our way out to eat (treat from my Mom who is visiting). DH hits the brakes and says “Oh man, we have to turn around” . I’m racking my brain trying to think what I’ve forgotten (it’s usually me that goes back into the house a couple of times before we can finally leave). The conversation continues…. “Wha’d we forget?” “Nothing, there’s a turtle in the middle of the road” “Ok, soooooo…” “He’s going to get squished, so we have to get him!”

We stopped and DH had to think fast because that was the biggest terrapin I’ve ever seen and he was FAST!  It was actually a bit humorous to see my big man trying to grab that turtle who was not happy to see him and get him across the traffic.  DS never was able to figure out what was happening.  Hopefully whenhe’s older he’ll have a heart as kind as his Daddy’s.  Just one of the many reasons why I think he’s a winner.  Love you babe!

BTW- Clear Springs Restaurant- good stuff!


  1. This is precious! This happens often on Donnybrook across from Toys R Us too. If you are on that road, look to the side to see the ‘turtle family’ as my girls call them on the embankment sunning.

  2. I saw them this morning! It took a few passes to find them, but they are very darling. Thanks for the heads up!

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