Eye Surgery for Baby

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I took Little One back to the eye doctor this morning.  Her pressures are still perfectly normal and she continues to show no other signs of glaucoma except for her excessive tearing.  The tearing is from two unrelated causes.   She has double blocked tear ducts as well as something called entropion.  Entropion is where her eyelids flip inward.  Basically her bottom eyelashes rest on her eyes so they aren’t protecting her eyes from all the floating particles in the air.  Because her ducts are blocked they’re not able to wash things from her eyes- hence why she has had at least 3 different eye infections. 

The doctor plans to perform both surgeries at the same time and they are both considered very minor and very routine.  We were able to schedule them for the same day in December that Turkey has his next surgery, so that will save some sanity.  Little One’s surgeries will take about an hour and Turkey’s about a half hour.  He’s just going in for a regular exam under anesthesia, but all the same surgery preps apply-including not eating or drinking the morning of surgery. 

Again, we are thankful for healthy eyes in comparison to Turkey and are thankful that Turkey’s pressures continue to be maintained at normal levels so that he’s not suffering any more damage to his corneas.  I’ll update again after surgery on how she’s doing.  I’m sure that she’ll continue to be the same happy go lucky little girl that she’s always been. 

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