Faster Coupon Clipping Time Saver Tip # 20

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I read somewhere years ago to use a ruler (wooden with a metal edge) as a straight edge and tear your coupons instead of cutting them.  It’s quick and easy, and you don’t have to worry as much about little ones getting a hold of your coupon scissors.

Another idea for faster coupon clipping is to pay someone else to cut them for you.  I once had a very profitable side business of cutting coupons.  I don’t remember all the details, but while on vacation one year my mother said she would pay me a nickel for every coupon I cut for her.  At the tme she was one of those women who cut every single coupon and took them with her to the store in a huge box.  I do love a bargain, so I quickly saw the $$ and began cutting.  I cut for miles and miles, and at some point she noticed and renegotiated to a penny per coupon.  It seems like once we got back home she owed me over $30, which was a lot of money (and Qs) back then!

I’m not suggesting that you get your kids to cut for you (unless they are truly capable and willing) but there are multiple coupon clipping services out there.  Many services stock Qs before their release date so you can check the next week’s deals and order them early.  Using a service eliminates the need to make a trip out for the paper and your Qs will come to your mailbox cut and sorted.  The only service I have every used is Coupon Dede, who happens to be in TX, so she gets my Qs to me super fast!  I have read about others on different blogs such as My Coupon Hunter and Coupon Carry Out. Especially with Christmas upon us all this could be a good option to relieve a bit of stress with your coupon organization.  If you try one I’d love to know how you like their services, so please send me an e-mail or message me on facebook. 

Happy clipping!

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