1/2 – 1/8 Walgreens Scenario $0.86 OOP for $76.91!!!

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New to shopping with coupons and Register Rewards at Walgreens? Start here for a guide on how it all works! Here’s the Walgreens Coupon Policy to carry with you just in case it’s needed. 

My scenario starts with just (1) $2 RR.

Transaction 1
5- Vicks Sinex Products @ $4 each
1- 5pk Papermate Mechanical Pencils @ $2.99
subtotal: $22.99
use (4) $4/1 Sinex Qs from 12/26 PG
use in ad Q for pencils (takes off $2.80)
use $2 RR from last week
new total: $0.19, get back $10 RR for Vicks

Transaction 2
Omega Factor 3 Soft-gel 60 ct @ $10.00
use $10 RR from Vicks
new total $0.00, get $10 RR for Omega

Transaction 3
Oscillococcinum Childrens 6 pk @ $8.99 
Pine-sol 28 oz @ $2.50 
Tilex 32 oz @ $2.50
1- 5pk Papermate Mechanical Pencils @ $2.99
subtotal $16.98
use $2/1 Oscillo printable

use in ad Q for pencils (takes off $2.80)

use $10 RR from Omega 
New Total: $0.18, get back $9 RR for Oscillococcinum and $1 RR for Cleaners

Transaction 4 
Salonpas Arthritis Pain 5 ct @ $5.99

Celsius Green Tea 12 oz 4 pk @ $3.99 
1- 5pk Papermate Mechanical Pencils @ $2.99
subtotal $ 12.97
use $9 RR and $1 RR
use in ad Q for pencils (takes off $2.80) 
New Total: $0.17, get back $6 RR for SalonPas and $3 RR for Tea

Transaction 5
Dove Mens, Deodorant 2.7-3 oz @ $3.99
Huggies Diapers, Pullups, or Goodnites $6.99
4 hunt’s tomato sauce @ $2
Comet Cleaner @ $.99
subtotal: $13.97
use in ad Q for Hunts (takes off $.66)
use in ad Q for Comet (takes off $.49)
use $6 RR and $3 RR
New Total: $0.32, get back $3 RR for Dove
Totals: spend $0.86 OOP plus $2 in RR, get $76.91 in sale priced merchandise and still have a $3 RR left to spend!


  1. WOW!!! You did good girl!

  2. I wish I could do this good in real life. Unfortunately we’re moving this week, so I just have to delight in the possibilities… :-)

  3. I’m new to all of this, so it might be a dumb question… When you say “transaction #1”, etc. are you leaving the store & returning another time, or are you just grouping your items & paying for them by group, all in the same trip?

  4. Both. I usually will do 2 transactions in a trip and the cashiers don’t give me any hassle. If the store is not at all busy I might do more, but I try not to hold anyone up. Sometimes Hubby is sweet enough to go with me and I’ll hand him my RRs from Trans 2 and he’ll do my trans 3 and 4. I also am lucky that there are 3 stores within 2 miles of me in Tyler, so sometimes I’ll do 2 transactions at one store and drive to another store to do 2 more. Clearance selections change so I like to check those out anyway.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Troup hwy store doesn’t have the Acai berry programed correctly in their system so it is not BOGO and the January coupon book is only taking $5 off instead of $10. I hear they are well stocked on it though per my Mom. I want your Natrol coupons if you don’t:) I take the Acai berry daily.

  6. Question…when you print your coupons do you print in color or black and white? The price for ink if expensive didnt know if it made a difference being scanned easily or not..

  7. Always in black. Funny you should ask because I just posted a few weeks back about this. http://www.thriftytexaspenny.com/2010/12/save-money-on-your-printing-costs.html