Check Your Engines

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By now, almost everyone who frequents a frugal blog has heard of Swagbucks.  If you haven’t heard of it, you can click here for my explanation.  For those of you who use swagbucks as your preferred search engine, take a moment to check your settings.  If you’re like me, you downloaded the swagbucks toolbar for quick and easy searching.  This search box can be used for many different search engines though.  To the left of the search box is a drop down menu that changes your search engine.  Check out the picture below to see what I mean.
Everyone once in a while I’ll change it, or someone else will use the computer and change it.  Who knows how many swagbucks I’ve missed out on before I realize that it’s been changed. :-(
You can also download the swagbucks app for your smartphone.  Once installed it works in a similar way so you’re searching through swagbucks instead of google.  Recently I seem to win more using the search feature on my phone than I do on my desktop.
As a blog owner I get reports on what people search for that brings them to my site.  I love seeing how many of you search for “Thrifty Texas Penny” on swagbucks so that you can earn a little extra spending money.  Some of you have even thought to search for keywords from weekly posts, such as “$5 dinners thrifty” or “thrifty penny brookshire’s”.  This is so smart to mix things up because swagbucks does pick up on repetitive searches!
What surprises me most about my search reports is the number of searches for my blog title that are done through google or yahoo- two search engines that offer no rewards.  If you’re searching for my website directly through google, yahoo, or another non rewards search engine, chances are that you haven’t yet found the wonderful world of swagbucks and getting paid for searching the web, or that somehow your search engine box has changed off of swagbucks.  Be sure to check your search engines everyone, so you’re not missing out on your share of the free money.

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