Texas Cheese Toast "Recipe"

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I love Texas Cheese Toast, but not it’s inflated price tag at the store.  A box of premade cheese toast to serve 8 will cost $2 for brand name or about $1.70 for generic.  Since the cost for an entire dinner at our house will usually run between $3 and $4, I’m not about to spend $.80 just for 4 pieces of bread with cheese!  I’ve found it easy to make my own, without having to keep room for it in the freezer either.  Gotta have space to stockpile all that cooked meat and freezer dishes ya know!

4 slices of toasted bread @ .16
4-6 thin slices of mozzarella cheese @ .24
sprinkle with garlic salt to taste
Pop in the toaster oven for about 4 minutes!

Simple as can be.  You can even slice up the entire block of mozzarella at one time if you’d like, to save time later. If you’d prefer cheddar cheese or a mix of cheeses, try sprinkling shredded cheese on each slice of bread, toasting, and buttering on top of the cheese.  Yum, Yum!

I’ve decided to make this post a part of Miz Helen’s Full Plate Thursday.
Perhaps I’ll find the time to put up some real recipes and join her more often.



  1. We always made it this way when I was little too. My mom called it ghetto toast since it was so much cheaper. Texas toast seems to be a much nicer name for it:)

  2. Ghetto toast- love it! My mom always made cheese toast with just a slice of kraft cheese. I like to add the seasonings for more flavor.

  3. My mom used to make cheese toast for me all the time and in fact, I still do it occasionally!

  4. I make mine like this too sometimes. If I don’t have mozzarella I just throw whatever blend of shredded cheese I have on hand. Love it with spaghetti.

  5. There is nothing better than Cheese Toast. I can make it with any kind of cheese. Your recipe looks great and makes me want a piece right now. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope to see you next week!

  6. Thanks for visiting at The Cottage, I am your newest follower!

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    this looks yummy…

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