It’s Time to Make Easter Baskets

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Yes, I said now is the time to make your Easter Baskets for next year.  I didn’t buy one thing for my kids’ 2011 Easter baskets in 2011.  Everything I bought specifically for the baskets was bought on clearance last year, but not all after Easter.  I spent around $10 total, including both baskets.

Turkey’s basket: 
$.89 Elmo Easter Basket bought in 2009 at 90% off. (used it last year too)
$.13 Yellow Shredded Paper Grass bought in 2009 at 90% off (used it last year too)
$.34 Easter Egg Light up Spinner Toy bought in 2010 at 90 % off.
$.24 Jumbo Easter Playing Cards bought in 2010 at 90% off.
$.25 Easter Egg Nerf Ball bought in 2006 at 85% off.
$3.75 Toy Cookware Set bought after Christmas 2010 at 75% off.
Eggs filled with: spare change, 1 single serve skittles, 2 starburst packets, gummy bears, 4 of my dove chocolate eggs.  None of this was bought specifically for the baskets.= $1.25?
I’ve had the eggs for years so I have no clue how much they were
Total for his basket (including items reused): $6.85

Little One’s Basket
$.79 Bunny Basket bought in 2010 at 90% off.
$.13 Pink Shredded Paper Grass bought in 2010 at 90 % off.
$1.49 Yogurt Melts by combining sale and Qs.
Pink Lamb from a baby shower or perhaps Nana (unpacked last month from our May 2010 move)
$.50 Eggs filled with: spare change, animal crackers, cap’n crunch cereal, lucky charms cereal, vanilla wafers
Total for her basket: $2.91

Try to think outside of Easter themed items.  The basket and eggs are enough to designate it as Easter. For items that you want to be Easter specific, you can find many right now at 75% off or even 90% off.  Just because you don’t see anything you like one day, doesn’t mean you won’t find something the next day– remember that people will make returns all throughout the day and week, many because they’re playing the Target game.  Find a nice basket for you kids and reuse it and the grass from year to year.  Look for a few Easter themed trinkets at extremely low prices that you can pick up for next years baskets.  Try to spend less than $1 total on trinkets.  You
may even have things you picked up at Walgreens for fillers (bubbles, bouncy balls, pencils etc)  Don’t buy candy especially for the baskets.  You can probably raid your cabinets for candy and treats.  It doesn’t have to be in Easter packaging because you’ll be putting it in eggs.  Watch for items at this summer’s 75% off toy clearance at Target, or the same sale after Christmas. You could even give each child a couple of dollars in an egg and promise to take them Easter shopping the following weekend (when everything will be 50%-75% off).  They’ll probably enjoy the trinkets more because they took some responsibility for their purchase.

What would you do for your kids’ Easter if you had absolutely no money to buy things with?  Would it be sufficient?  Changes are yes, so don’t feel like you have to go spend tons on money on unnecessary trinkets that will be broken or discarded within days.  Enjoy an Easter in 2012 celebrating a Savior and not a bunny.  :-) 


  1. @ Donna, keep checking back. I’ve found Christmas clearance as late as Valentines- you never know where a child will stuff something when their mom says they can’t buy it. Plus, you have 90 days to return items. Things will be returned like crazy during the clearance sale because people find it for a lower price. The beauty of the Target Game….

  2. That’s so great! I might pick up some stuff for my nieces and nephew :)

    Also, what do you mean by the Target Game?

  3. Yankee Texan says:

    I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award because I love reading your blog.

  4. I always want to do this but never get to the stores while there are good clearance items left.
    I’m a new follower from the It’s Almost Friday hop. I’m also following on twitter and would love for you to return the favor.

  5. Hi Shari, I had planned to do a post on playing the Target Game the week after this post on Easter baskets, but I forgot and did something else. I’ve still got the post in my usual long winded draft mode and would be happy to e-mail it to you if you’ll send me your e-mail. you can pop me a note using the contact me button. Thanks!


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