Target Valentine’s Clearance

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I’ve written about the every day items you can find at Target during on Easter clearance and Christmas clearance, but never shared any Valentine’s finds before. Just like the other holiday clearances, so much of what you’ll find is useful at other times of year and has no seasonal designation to it. Last night and this afternoon we stopped in at Target and scored some absolutely sweet deals:


$.10 each, except for the Hershey’s Kisses for $1.04.



$.25 – $.40



These were only 70% off, so $.30 for the Valentine’s items and $.90 for the Boo-Boo Buddy and Cars storage bin



$.10 each!

Besides the boxes of Valentines, very little that I bought was actually a designated Valentine’s item.  I picked up craft projects, food items, party favors, birthday gifts and completed purchases for the kids’ Easter baskets. Clearance percentages and stock will vary from store to store, but I’d guess that most stores moved to 90/70% today and will remove what’s left by Monday the latest.

Did you find anything good this year?  Anything I found that you’ll try to go find today?

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