What Items Do You Spend the Most Coupon Time On?

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When you’re just starting out with couponing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and burn out quickly (especially if you’re trying to do the binder system instead of whole inserts, but that’s another post). :-)I recommend that you start out playing the drugstore game at CVS or Walgreens and just pick a couple of items each week that are free or cheap to purchase.  If the scenarios I post are too elaborate, remember that I will write one with your shopping list and Qs for free since I can’t personally go with everyone to shop. Once you feel like you’ve gotten pretty good at the drugstore game, then move on to food items.

While most drugstore items should be free or under $1, grocery items will not be.  Take your price list and pick the food items that your family uses most and focus on those first. You can work on getting the best price for the other items later.  We only use 1 jar of miracle whip in about 9 months, so I’m not going to worry too much over getting the best price for it.  I’m going to focus on getting the best price for diapers, canned veggies, cereal, fruits, rotel, dairy and cheeses that we use frequently to save my family the most money for my time investment.  I would rather spend 4 hours a week and save 50% overall, than spend 20 hours a week and save 60% overall.  Know what I mean?

If you try to chase every deal you’re going to burn out fast.  Stick to the items that you use frequently, and the items that frequently come on sale (drugstore items).  It’s similar to exercise:  You may be a size 16 and be able to get down to a size 6 by extreme diet and exercise, and that extreme diet and exercise consumes your life.  You may be happier and healthier being a size 10 with normal diet and exercise.  Couponing shouldn’t consume your life or your free time, so pick your battles (deals) and be happy living life!

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