Do You Still Have Gift Cards from Christmas?

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Consumers purchase millions of dollars in gift cards each year at Christmas.  Many of them go unused – thrilling retailers around the globe.  If you received a gift card for Christmas 4 months ago and haven’t used it yet, chances are you aren’t going to.

You can sell that GC online for a portion of the balance so you’ll have cash that you can use.  It’s better than having money sitting in your sock drawer not getting used – or worse if the store closes before you get around to using it.

You can also buy gift cards at a discount online to save money.  I’ve bought lots of cards for Lowe’s and Home Depot to make repairs on our house.  I combined the cards I bought at an 8% discount with 10% -20% off coupons for a great deal. They have gift cards in categories from clothing to restaurants and everything in between – at up to 30% off!

I buy from Plastic Jungle. They guarantee the cards that you are buying and there is no shipping or tax for you.

Save up to 30% at your favorite stores.

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