Cheap Shreveport Mini Vacation

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At the end of last week we went to Shreveport for a couple of days.  It wasn’t a scheduled vacation so we really didn’t have a budget for it.  The idea was to get out of the house for a bit, so we chose to keep our activity/eating out money at a minimum.

We stopped in to visit with Pary Moppins on the way.  Little One had slept from our house to hers. When she woke up in the driveway she pointed and exclaimed “Daddy’s hotel!”  Needless to say she was a bit disappointed to not find Daddy inside.  The drive from her house to meet daddy was only about 35 minutes. We went out to eat at Applebee’s for dinner.  What a treat that was for me!

The next day we had cereal in the room. Then a few hours later  I took the kids to Krispy Kreme while hubby worked.  Little Turkey had never been and he was over the moon watching the machines make those donuts.  We each picked a donut and surprisingly neither of the kids finished theirs.  I was happy to save them from a dreadful waste in the garbage of course 😉 

We brought our own drinks to Krispy Kreme to cut our bill in half!

Then we went across the street to Super Target.  I made a return and we checked out the start of the summer toy clearance, but we only ended up buying bananas. The next stop was Dollar Tree.  I found several great activities for the kids this summer.  They were very well stocked at this store, unlike the smaller store that I shop at in Tyler.

We went back to the hotel room for lunch.  I snacked, but fixed the kids mac n cheese with some individual bowls I’d gotten for free a while back.  They also had bananas and a few other things that I don’t remember :-) 

An old friend from college came to visit us for a few hours. Little One was not about to take a nap, so late that afternoon we went for a little drive south of Shreveport into “the country”.

We still had a little while before hubby would be finished with work so we walked around PetSmart for awhile.  You would have thought we’d been to the zoo!  The kids had a good time and didn’t beg for any pets (we’ve been through that battle before) We ended the day by meeting hubby for pizza and swimming.

The next day we were heading home (hubby still had 6 more days of work in Shreveport) but I took the kids to Bass Pro Shop first.  We are a big Bass Pro Family and visiting the Shop reminds us of Big Cedar Lodge (also owned by Bass Pro) which is our favorite vacation place ever! We checked out the fish tanks, duck shooting range, mounted fish and the boats.  Then Turkey went to a free fishing class while Little One made a free fishing game.  

After the class was over all the kids got to practice casting and play an archery game.  We stopped by the little play tree in the kids section before picking up a $5 shirt (paid for with Bass Pro Rewards points) for each kid before making the drive back to Tyler.

Little One slept the entire way home while Turkey worked a puzzle and read some books.  We had a great time in Shreveport (minus dealing with a hotel room and 2 kids at night) and were happy to spend a couple hours with hubby each night.  Maybe next time it will be a bit cooler and we can enjoy the outdoor activities in Shreveport as well.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Great story, thanks for sharing. I love seeing the way you do things.

  2. S. Davis says:

    sounds great!

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