Painting with Bubbles – Preschooler Activity or Summer Kids Activity

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My last 2 years of teaching Kindergarten music I co-taught with the art teacher next door.  I saw some really neat art projects and painting bubble art was one of them.  I had to make do with just food coloring instead of tempera paint, but it worked for our project.

food coloring, 1 tsp dishsoap & 1/4 cup warm water
Blow bubbles in the soapy “paint” until they bubble just over the top of the bowl

I did this project with two 4 year olds, a 6 year old and a 2 year old.  It is an adult on hand kind of activity but well worth it because they had a blast!

be sure not to suck in through the straw!
  1. I put about a teaspoon of dishsoap into 6 bowls.  The most neutral color you have is best.
  2. Add about 1/4 cup warm water and stir.
  3. Add several drops of food coloring to each bowl and mix. For the orange and purple see if the kids know which colors to mix to make them.
  4. The kids are to tilt the bowl slightly, put their straw at the bottom of the “paint” and blow bubbles until the bubbles fill the bowl.  Be sure to explain not to suck in the straw :-)
  5. Then the kids can press their paper down gently on top of the bubbles to paint their paper.
gently press your paper on top of the bubbles in the bowl to paint

The 6 year old had no trouble with this- except getting a little bubble crazy at times LOL
One 4 year old figured it out quickly and the other one needed me to tilt the bowl and remind him not to suck in each time.
I knew the 2 year old wouldn’t be able to handle the straw and blowing, so I would blow the bubbles for him sometimes and sometimes the other kids would.  He did good pressing his paper down.

We had a great time doing this project.  It lasted for about an hour from start to finish.



When we were all done I used a medicine syringe to put the colored water into ice cube trays for some ice painting another day!

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Have you tried this one at home?  I’d love to hear what type of paints you used!

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