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Preschool Busy Activities – Jumbo Coloring Books

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We’ve had a fairly busy schedule the past couple of weeks and have been doing a lot of yard work, so there haven’t been too many times that a preschool busy activity was needed.  Little Turkey does a lot of puzzles, so that’s usually been the activity of choice for busy moments lately.  He works 48 pc. puzzles too quickly, so when I need to keep him busy for more than 5 minutes I’ll give him a 78-100 pc. puzzle  {Read More}

Painting with Bubbles – Preschooler Activity or Summer Kids Activity

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My last 2 years of teaching Kindergarten music I co-taught with the art teacher next door.  I saw some really neat art projects and painting bubble art was one of them.  I had to make do with just food coloring instead of tempera paint, but it worked for our project. food coloring, 1 tsp dishsoap & 1/4 cup warm water Blow bubbles in the soapy “paint” until they bubble just over the top of the bowl I did this project {Read More}