Are you Searching for Extra Spending Money on Swagbucks?

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Last month I cashed in for $20 worth of Amazon gift cards on Swagbucks

This is the easiest online moneymaker I’ve ever participated in.  Simply search from their site instead of google and randomly earn swagbucks.  You can redeem them for Paypal, Amazon GC, Target GCs, Walmart GCs and many more!

I downloaded the swagbucks toolbar so my search box at the top right of my brower is automatically set to swagbucks.  This means that the only thing extra I have to do is redeem my prizes.  I’ve been with them for a little over 3 years, cashing in for nearly $400!  They they are a solid company you can’t go wrong with- what are you waiting for? Start getting paid for searching today!


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  2. I love Swagbucks. You earn points for searching all the stuff you normally search everyday. I also earn SBs for voting in daily polls & doing the NOSO (no obligation special offers) path. You don’t have to actually do any of the special offers to earn the swagbucks, just complete the path … although I have signed up for some free newsletters in the NOSO path. I’ve earned some large amounts of swagbucks by taking the surveys, too. You don’t always qualify to complete the surveys, but can get 1 or 2 swagbucks just for attempting them, up to 5 a day. There also swagbuck codes that are released most days to earn free SBs. You can check Swagbucks Spoilers to see if there are active swagcodes to redeem. I keep their code checker page open and minimized on my laptop and check it a few times a day ( You can also sign up for email and/or text alerts when new swag codes are available, though I don’t remember now where I did this from. I don’t do all of these things everyday, some days I’m just too busy to mess with it. I’ve been a member of Swagbucks for about 6 months. The first prize I redeemed was a $10 Paypal payment. But, since then I have chosen to redeem the Amazon gift card codes because they cost way less swagbucks. I have redeemed for 7 of the $5 Amazon gift codes so far. I have enough swagbucks to redeem for two more, but have decided to just let my swagbucks accrue from now till late Oct. so I can redeem them to use for Christmas shopping next year. I used the codes I’ve redeemed so far for a few items for my kids for Christmas this past year and have done just about all of my daughter’s birthday shopping using these rewards. I have purchased her about $100 worth of birthday gifts by finding items she wants for great sale prices on Amazon and using my Amazon gift cards earned from Swagbucks to lower my out of pocket cost even further. I think I’ve spent less than $20 out of pocket for all of her birthday gifts (including a video game for the Wii).

    I spend about 20 minutes a day on Swagbucks (plus about 3-5 minutes when I get a text alert for a new code). Definitely worth my time to earn some extra money! Try it!

  3. Thanks for your report reignbough. Have the surveys been worth your time? For me they’ve been 10-15 mins for just a few SB, not worth it for me.
    I would recommend that you cash out regularly though for a couple of reasons. One- you can only cash out 5 of the same prize per month. So if you want to cash out $200 for Amazon you’ll be forced to cash out at the $50 level instead of the cheaper $5 for 450 level. Also, I’ve heard of people getting their accounts shut down with no notice and their swagbucks all wasted. If you don’t want your husband to be tempted to use your credits you could always get your Amazon codes and e-mail them to yourself/keep them in a word doc so they’re off your SB account, but not readily spendable. HTH

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