Get High Dollar Coupons!

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Saving money is actually better than making money.  If you earn $15 you’ll typically be left with $10 or less to spend at the store once taxes, SS and medicaid, and tithe are taken out of your earnings.  That means saving $10 is like earning $15+!

One simple and often overlooked way to save money is to give manufacturers feedback in hopes that they’ll send you high dollar coupons.  No, you don’t have to send a letter in the mail like we used to have to do. Most companies today have websites with contact forms to send them feedback. If I buy a product and don’t like something about it, I will send them feedback and they will almost always send me a coupon (or 2 or 3) for a free product to replace the one I didn’t like.

If I send them a comment on why I like a particular product over other brands and why it works best for my family they will also usually send coupons my way.  It’s important to give honest feedback and not just say “I really like this product”.   Occasionally I’ll use the contact form to ask if the company has any printable coupons available.  Sometimes companies have a link on their sites that isn’t published.  If not, sometimes they’ll mail you coupons – some of which are high dollar coupons- because it seems like having a coupon encourages you to use their product.

I encourage you to open your cabinets and closets, take a look at the products you use that you are extremely happy with, and send them some feedback on why. (Don’t forget to use swagbucks to search for the company) Likewise, if you see a product that you weren’t happy with, also send them feedback and tell them why. Don’t forget restaurants too! Set aside a few minutes each week to contact 2 or 3 companies and you’ll start to see your coupon “money” grow. 

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