Target Summer Toy Clearance Finds 2013

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The big clearance price drop on toys at the Tyler Target finally happened this morning.  The past 3 years it’s happened the 4th Thursday in July.  They threw me a curveball by waiting an extra two weeks this year.  :-)  Since I have Bible study on Thursday mornings I wasn’t able to get down there early enough to get the best pick, but I still ended up with a good group of items to help restock my gift closet on 5-6 yr old boy toys.  The shelf price was $166.09 and my subtotal before tax was $71.81.  That’s 57% off!

Target Toys 2013

I was really excited about the Lego sets.  3 of them were only marked 15% off, but I know to always do a price check on clearance items I’m interested in.  Sure enough all the Legos I bought were marked down to 50% off 😀   I also found a couple of little bead sets for my stock of 4 yr old girl items.  I didn’t find much of anything for our nieces and nephew this year, but I’ll take the savings I got and just keep my eyes peeled for good deals on things I think they’ll like!


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