Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Teachers

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Gift giving at Christmas time can be a huge financial strain, but there are many ways to enjoy the season on a budget, while still giving nice gifts.   So far I’ve suggested that you:   buy gently used items for your kids if you were planning to remove them from the package to display them for Christmas anyway, shop through cashback sites for your online or site to store purchases, buy gift cards at a discount online.  This week I want to focus on gifts for your child’s teachers, or possibly your co-workers.  

Every teacher loves to get gifts from their students because it shows how much they are cared about.  However, 99% of teachers would prefer to get something consumable rather than a new trinket for the house.  A handmade Christmas ornament might be the exception to that.  Regardless of your budget you can still show your child’s teacher(s) how much they mean to your child with one of these inexpensive Christmas gifts for teachers.

  • A $5 gift card is a very easy and inexpensive gift that will brighten any teacher’s day.  They can buy what they want and you don’t spend hours making something. Teachers really don’t expect to get a $10 or $20 gift from their students, or any gift for that matter, so don’t worry about the $$ amount.
  • Buy king size chocolate bars and have your child take them around and let each of his/her teachers pick on out. I had a student do this one year and I loved it!  You can even get 2 for free this weekend at CVS!
  • Buy address labels that say “This belongs to Mrs. Smith” or post it notes or a note pad that say “From the desk of Mrs. Smith”.  These are practical, inexpensive (usually less than $5 including shipping) and consumable. Trust me when I say that one less thing to keep up with (or move from classroom to classroom) is a good thing.
  • Bake cookies, breads, or other Christmas goodies for the teachers.  Again, consumable things are great :-)
  • A nice handwritten note on a Christmas card telling how much of a difference they have made in your child’s life would be long cherished.
  • I’ve seen tote bags that have a painted hand print from every child in the class that were loved by many teachers.
  • If your child’s teacher has a last name that is also a common first name, look for items such as pencils that are personalized. (Thomas, Hunter, Jordan, Parker, Taylor etc) The students are more likely to remember to return them to the teacher instead of draining the teacher’s supply.
  • Have a pizza delivered (or pick one up yourself) for lunch, but let them know it’s coming the day before so they don’t pack a lunch or pick up a tray.
  • Classroom books are always a practical hit, although not as personal for the teacher. You could always ask if there are items for the classroom that your child’s teacher has been wanting but doesn’t have the school budget to purchase.  Spending personal money on classroom supplies often drains a teacher’s flexibility.
  • Make cookies in a jar.  These usually cost less than $3 including the jars, so it’s another great way to give gifts to several teachers.
  • Grocery Shopping notepads with magnets on the back are great for to do lists in the classroom.  Plus, they can usually be found for $1 or less. Stick some chocolate on there and you’ve got a fabulous gift!
  • Have your child make or buy an ornament and put their name and the year on it.  I’ve received small picture frames with the student’s picture, little angels and snowflakes with the student’s name and year, as well as store bought “teacher” ornaments that have the child’s name and year on them. I put them on our tree at home, but many teachers decorate their classroom trees with them each year.

No matter what your budget, remember that most teachers teach because they love their students and love to teach them.  Chances are good that they are going to be appreciative of any gift from a student.  

Do you have some other gifts that you loved receiving as a teacher, or that you’ve given to a teacher and were well received?  I’ve love to hear about them!


  1. Great ideas!

  2. Great ideas! I really need to get started on my teacher gifts! I have a homemade footscrub I need to get to making!

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