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What You Can Find at Thrifty Texas Penny

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If you’re new to Thrifty Texas Penny, welcome! I’m so glad to have you visit my site.  Please take a few minutes to browse through the info in the drop down menu above.  I don’t want you to miss out on any great information.  If you’re in the midsouth region of the country, be sure not to miss my East Texas Price list to help you know what prices you should be able to get items for.  I feel blessed {Read More}

Frugal $5 Dinner Menu Week 24 of 2012

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My goal is to provide dinner for my family for an average of $5 except on special occasions. We don’t have to eat beans and rice to accomplish this goal!  I shop the grocery sales each week.  Then I plan my menu based on the foods I have already at home (at a great price). I balance more expensive meals with less expensive ones. We typically only cook a main dish 4 or 5 times a week. Each main dish {Read More}

Organizing My Garage Sale Closet in Just Over an Hour

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Before Since I started my weekly simple homemaking plan the first week of 2012, I’ve been working diligently to purge unused items from the house.  As I come across something we no longer use I toss it into a box in the hall closet. Last week I had to kick the vacuum out of the closet because it was so full!  I realized it was time to put organizing the garage sale closet on my homemaking plan. Yesterday afternoon, little {Read More}